Physical entity on premises
(Curative healthcare)

CallHealth brings medical facilities and care plans to the convenience of corporate customers and their families who can avail them from their office premises or from their home.

1.7 Million
Death due to Heart Devices.

1 in 4
Risk Dying from NCD

CH Lounge - On Premises Solutions
CallHealth provides Lounge services that ensure the availability of Qualified Health officer at the premise of the organization in order to provide instantaneous services like

  • Health Officer on Premise for instant diagnostics.
  • Consultation with Doctor through Video Consultation from Office premises

Access to E-consultation for individual and immediate family

  • Doctor consultation through voice as well as video calls
  • Family Doctor and Second Opinion from Specialists

Service delivery (diagnostics and home care) at door-step for members of corporate immediate family

  • Diagnostics and Tests at Home.
  • Physiotherapy at Home
  • Basic, Advanced and Specialized Nursing services at Home
  • Drug Delivery at home

Medical Facilitation service-

  • Facilitation services and hospital visits
  • Mobile clinic

Health risk assessment and control
(Preventive health care)

Prevention is always better than cure,. HRA is a systematic approach to identify risk factors and provide feedback to participants to take corrective actions and reduce health risks

1 Million
Deaths due to Diabetes in India

79 %
Indians have Skewed lipid profile

Pre-employment diagnostics and evaluation

  • Workforce risk assessments through detailed diagnostics tests.
  • Test for drug, alcohol and tobacco addiction for new recruits.

Provide periodic check-up

  • Annual and Semi-annual Employee Health Check Up.
  • Seasonal preventive vaccinations and test.

Pre-travel vaccinations and check-ups to ensure a safe and healthy trip for employees

  • Vaccinations for location specific diseases like Zika, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, Swine flu etc
  • Regulatory Health Assessment before long tours and travels

E- Health records

  • Assess, track and stay informed about Personal and family health records and potential risks using CallHealth proprietary algorithms.

Wellness and Fitness Services (Promotive Health care)

Enabling corporate employees maintain good health and cope with the dynamic environment by increasing the physical and mental capabilities and lifestyle management:

33 %
Urban Indians or Hypertensive.

30 Million
Indians are Obese.

Stress Management and Emotion Wellness

  • General Counselling for Emotional Wellness.
  • Ergonomics: Healthy Work Station Positions.
  • Diet Consultations and Meal Plans for healthy living.
  • Yoga Training and/or Exercise plans.

Wellness Plans and services

  • Biometric Screening b Health Risk Assessments.
  • Health Coaching and Advocacy for Healthy Living.
  • Provide Diet Consultations and Meal Plans
  • Addiction Control
  • Disease / Conditions and Lifestyle Management

Health awareness programs

  • General and specific health awareness camps with focus on prevalent diseases-
  • Speak to doctor program


CallHealth ensures full life-cycle management of all health insurance needs of corporate employees, at their convenience. It derives best advantage from insurance products, it requires an optimal coverage of health expense-related risks, which varies for different customer segments. Our officers ensure availability of a wide range of products to meet varied needs of different customers

Corporate health insurance provider for all employees that includes:

  • Travel.
  • Accidental
  • Individual and Family Policies
  • Group Insurance

Provide periodic check-up

  • Annual and Semi-annual Employee Health Check Up.
  • Seasonal preventive vaccinations and test.

Health Risk Assessment b CH Index

Create the health profile of corporate organizations to get a complete picture faced by the employees. Based on the results preventive measure can be availed to maintain a healthy workforce.

CH b Lounge

Medical facilities at office premises. Hassle free sample collection for diagnostic test and consultation with doctors through Video Consultation and real time vitals recorded by trained medical officer. Avail services of dieticians, physiotherapists and more.

Health Check-up Packages

Regular and timely health exams and tests can help early detections of possible medical issues faced by the workforce and help prevent complications. Pre-travel checks and vaccinations ensure that employees remain healthy while they are travelling on various assignments.

Specialized Health Packages

Customized packages for a plethora of health conditions designed keeping in mind age and gender. Can be availed by corporate employees as well as family members.

Medical Services at Doorstep

The corporate workforce and their family members can enjoy the medical services from the comfort of onebs home. CallHealth brings Physiotherapy, Nursing, Medicines, Diagnostics Sample Collection, Consultation with doctor through Video/ Audio Call and Medical Facilitation services to the doorstep.


We offer comprehensive cover for medical treatment of illnesses and accidents requiring in-patient hospitalisation for corporates and its employees.


CallHealth provides a platform where customer can upload and store medical records and access it from anywhere, anytime and with any device. The customer can monitor their vital health parameters and view the trends that would help them to initiate preventive actions.

A minute of yours can multiply your employees efficiency many fold